Autobahn is a PC game based on City Car Driving engine, where the player should push the gas pedal all the way down, drive at the maximum capacity of a car and use all the skills to avoid accidents in the most difficult situations on the road.


The rougher the player cuts off another car, more risky dodges from a collision, longer drives on the opposite lane – more score the player gets! The main thing is getting to the next checkpoint in time and without damaging your car!

  • Simplified car control and physical model
  • 3 game modes: basic, lack of visibility, instant death
  • Variable difficulty level
  • Special circular tracks with heavy traffic
  • Scoring for risky and dangerous driving maneuvers
  • Cars get visible damage when collide

In the normal mode the player drives a car during the day time and in good weather. In this mode a collision with another car does not result in immediate game over – the car has a certain reserve of “health”.

In the “lack of visibility” mode the player drives a car under heavy fog that complicates maneuvers.

In the “instant death”  mode the player does not have any chance for a mistake! The slightest collision with another car immediately leads to the game over!